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Onsite Conference Assistance

AV / Technical Assistance

RLM can provide on-site assistance to help your conference run smoother.  How many times does the process of switching presentations between speakers interrupt the continuity of your conference.  What do you do if your speaker's computer won't connect to your projector. Does packing up your equipment and storing it for the night and setting it up in the morning keep you from interacting with your conference attendees/members.  Let Randy or Randy and Jon take the hassle out of your Conference AV struggles.

Current Clients that RLM provides on-site assistance:

  • NASEO - National Association of State Energy Officials (AV, Photo, Registration Desk)(2 Conferences/year)
  • AESP - Association of Energy Service Professionals (AV, Photo) (3 Conferences/year)
  • RESNET - Residential Energy Services Network (AV, Photo)
  • UEF - Utility Energy Forum (AV, Photo, and Registration Desk)
  • EEBA - Energy & Environmental Building Alliance (AV, Photo)
  • NAESCO - National Association of Energy Service Companies (AV, Photo)

Conference Photography

As part of providing AV/Technical Assistance, Randy can also take photos throughout your conference.  He can capture those award winners on your stage.  Speakers giving presentations, candid photos at reception and expos, exhibit photos.  All these photos can be uploaded to a Flickr account that can be viewed by your attendees and then used by your organization in future promotions or on your web site.  Just to be clear, Randy is not a professional photographer and doesn't have the latest photographic equipment like big lenses and powerful flashes and is not perfect, but you get this service as part of the AV/Technical Assistance Package.

The following are examples of Conference Photos taken by Randy:

On-site Registration Assistance

By adding Jon or Kim in addition to Randy, RLM can provide on-site registration assistance if you are short of staff to handle the registration counter or would prefer to have your people out mingling with your members and attendees.

The following are clients that we currently provide on-site registration counter/whatever needs to be done assistance:

  • NASEO - National Association of State Energy Officials (2 Conference/year)
  • UEF - Utility Energy Forum

Conference Assistance Costs

To provide these above services (The first person providing assistance is at the first rate):

  • On-site AV / Technical Assistance + Photography (Randy):
    $300/day plus expenses
  • Add Jon for addition AV / Technical Assistance or Registration Counter:
    $150/day plus expenses
  • Add Kim for Additional Registration Counter Assistance:
    $150/day plus expenses


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